Professional Cleaning Company Reveals Non-Toxic Cleaning Tips


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It is not that often that professional companies get a request like this, but it does happen and its best to be prepared. Today we would like to share some of the best tips & tricks for cleaning your home the non toxic way courtesy of a professional cleaning company from Dublin – “Need to Clean”.

When it comes to heavy duty work like deep house cleaning or end of tenancy clear outs most people would not even think that there is an option to do this the non toxic way. After all, that grease and dust layer that forms on the presses throughout the year is usually enough to convince people to drop all their environmentally and eco friendly options out the window. Well, it does not have to be that way. You would be quite surprised how easy it can be to make some really effective detergents with some very basic every day inventory items that can be found in your cupboards. Here we go…

Sanitizing Your Sink With Lemons

lemons-salt-iceIf your kitchen or bathroom sink is starting to build limescale, dirt or starting to smell unpleasant there is a very simple solution to this! All you need to do is get one or two lemons and cut them up in dice size pieces roughly. Then get a generous amount of salt and some ice cubes and put the three ingredients together in a container. Shake everything together well and use the solution to clean your limescale with a rough sponge. Once you are done, make sure you pour all the remaining solution down the sink that you are cleaning because this solution is excellent for freshening up your pipes and the smell that may be coming from them.


You may be surprised why this would work but it definitely does. It works because chemical cleaners are not that much more but acid which you are getting from lemon and some sort of odour which is usually the chemical part. We are avoiding that by using natural lemon acid.

Buffing Metal Surfaces With Olive Oil


If your metal surfaces could use an extra sparkle you would be surprised what you can do with a bit of regular olive oil and a wool cloth. Simply pour a bit of olive oil on your cloth and work into your metal surfaces evenly. You will end up with a pleasant and natural looking shine on your metal work all over your home in no time.

Removing Unpleasant Smell From Upholstery With Vodka

Thats right, take some regular vodka and a clean & empty spray cap bottle. Fill the bottle with vodka and spray your upholstery evenly. Do not overdo the spray, a reasonable amount is enough as long as you cover the surface of your upholstery evenly. This can be used on sofas, dining chairs or even mattresses! Once you sprayed the upholstery, simply leave it to dry in a well ventilated room for a few hours and when you have returned the unpleasant smell should have disappeared.

Deep Cleaning Microwave With Lemon Water

An excellent way to deep clean a microwave is to get 2 standard size lemons, cut them up and put it all in a bowl. Then, cover the lemons in water and put the solution inside your microwave turning it on for 15 minutes on max power. This will evaporate your water in the bowl mixed with lemon juice which will cause the acid to de-grease and clean the inside walls of your microwave. All you have to do when the microwave shuts off is to get a paper cloth and clean the residue off the walls in the microwave.

Windoro – The Window Washing Robot!?


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This is something we have definitely never seen or even though of before but it might be quite genius if you think about it and here is why…

Just this morning we noticed just how much trouble industrial window cleaning can be for both the cleaning contractors and the buyers. Industrial window washing tends to be associated with one main problem, that is difficult access to the surfaces. This means you have a few options which are either costly or risky or both.

Here in Dublin, Ireland the most popular window cleaning system for buildings up to 6-7 stories high is the reach & wash system. This is basically a long extendable pole that can extend to insane lengths and remain lightweight. The system works brilliantly on smaller sized buildings and it is relatively easy to train staff to use this tool. There is small duct that carried your washing solution up trough the pole to the surface and you have control of it at the handle. Here is what a typical reach & wash system looks like:


There is one big problem with this system that we discovered, when you are cleaning the 3rd + level of windows you have no way of seeing what you are actually doing! Therefore, the result is quite unsatisfactory to be honest. Your other option would be harness down from the roof which is definitely high risk and high training for new staff. You will most likely dismiss that option when your insurance company quotes you for that employers liability working on harness… those quotes are not shy at all. Which leaves us our third and last option and that is hiring a cherrypicker, yet again no cherrypicker will help us reach floor number 10 or so which causes a problem yet again.

In general we could say the exterior window cleaning of industrial buildings is problematic here in Dublin, especially when the clients paying for it are looking in to low budget options and complaining about bad results… However, we think there might be a game changer out there!

The Windoro Window Cleaning Bot

window-cleaning-robot-windoroYes, you read that correct sir. A window cleaning bot! We have yet to see this thing in action but we have to admit that it could be a major game changer when it comes to window cleaning! It is called the Windoro and you can check out their official website here:

This little bot is capable of automatically cleaning almost any size window on its own by scanning its surface and moving trough it. That’s right, it knows where it’s going and where the ledge is so it will never fall off or wander somewhere where if shouldn’t. Isn’t that brilliant?

If only this little bot could get over a window separator ledge you wouldn’t even need to change its position which would simply mean you come in and place this thing on your customers building window and go have some lunch! The come back and collect your payment with your Windoro and you are all done. This also means you don’t need an expensive insurance policy to cover for staff injury like you would need when operating at heights or on suspension. Feel free to test this one out and let us know how it did, we ordered ours last week!

How to get rid of domestic & commercial waste using skip hire in Dublin


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There are excellent solutions for getting rid of your domestic and commercial waste in Dublin in a responsible way. One of the best solutions out there by far is finding good skip hire in Dublin. In case you don’t know what skip hire is, this is a very popular waste management solution used by commercial and residential clients who have an excessive amount of waste to get rid of. This service is very popular with construction companies, they tend to use skip hire companies like fastskiphire who come in and drop off a huge container on site in a convenient place. Something to keep in mind is that these companies usually won’t actually load the skip for you, they simply deliver it empty to you and then take it away once you have filled it for the waste to be disposed of.

Selecting the right size skip container

It is common sense that you should research in advance what skip size you should hire before actually ordering one. Your typical company tends to offer a wide range of sizes that are meant to fill almost any need and space. Usually, there are at least 6 options starting from very small fabric bags and all the way to 20ft wide metal skips for construction use. My advice would be to simply give one of these companies a call and discuss with them what your needs and expectations are. These people tend to offer good advice most of the time, so don’t be afraid to talk with them, you might even get a better deal for your bag!

The sizes usually start from small 4-6 foot fabric bags that people like to use for gardening waste or something quite small. These tend to cost something under €100 to hire and are very convenient to dump irregular waste in to, or something that your domestic bin company would not normally handle.

Next, you have the 6-12 foot skip range, these are no longer come in the form of fabric bag. Instead, they come as heavy duty metal containers that are placed in a convenient location on your site using a special truck that has a mounted crane for difficult access sites. This skip size is usually recommended for bigger waste needs like a full house renovation clean out or a medium / small sized construction waste project. The cost tends to range €200 – 350 for these.

Lastly, some bigger companies offer the industrial size 16+ foot skips, these are no joke. They are metal heavy duty containers that will take a few men loading it at full pace all day to fill. I have yet to see a residential house hiring one of those, so this one is definitely aimed at construction companies. Cost ranges €500+ for these bad boys.

Steam Cleaning Perfection With The Ladybug Range

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This time we would like to talk about steam cleaning of surfaces in general instead of floors like we used to in our previous posts. Steam cleaning has become quite a big thing these days in the cleaning industry and it is widely used not only on floors and carpeting but pretty much anywhere now! We have to admit that it tends to work quite nicely in a lot of cases with rare few exceptions where you shouldn’t really use it at all. For those of you that don’t know what steam cleaning is yet, heres a decent article on wikipedia explaining it:

We have been on the lookout for a good steam cleaner range in Dublin for the past few months, and I have to say that there is quite the selection available on the market. Starting from your very small power domestic steam cleaners which you can easily handle in one hand, all the way to large industrial units which take serious manpower to handle. And as always we are interested in both the domestic and industrial products, just because we tend to do a bit of business in both.

So we have been looking for a good steam cleaner unit range that would be good for our house cleaning teams and commercial cleaning teams to use. Our main points were that the units had to be robust, versatile and do the job well. As a result we have been failed by at least 3 different product ranges and we are not going to name those on this post just for professional courtesy reasons however, there was one brand and product range that stood out to us. A brand we never really heard about before and never tried any of its products yet when we got to test their units in the store they felt like they could be the real deal. And they were!

This lot above is the steam cleaning range by a crowd called “Ladybug”, and we have to admit they have definitely came up with a killer product as far as we’re concerned. One thing that stood out to us in particular was that there were 4 different units available:

  • Tekno
  • 2300SB
  • 2200S
  • XL2300

Which is absolutely brilliant simply because most of their competitors out there are trying to make a “one for all” type of product which we hated. It’s really nice to see a proper range that is aimed for specific cleaning tasks and job scope. Starting from your mini steam cleaner unit “Tekno” all the way to their “XL2300” model for industrial scale jobs. They are all robust and well built units and they all wait for it… they all come with a lifetime guarantee! They all come with a set of gadgets and care products too, see below:



Unfortunately these are not available for cleaning companies in Dublin, Ireland just yet. However we managed to get our hands on these back in the states and needless to say that we will be picking up a few of these bad boys once they arrive. These units work a wonder on kitchen presses, greasy kitchen tops and bathroom tiles! Say goodbye to scrubbing grout from tiles in your bathrooms and kitchens, these steam cleaners handle all of it for you almost completely chemical free and deliver an extraordinary result.

We believe any professional cleaner company or a household could benefit from this product range, fair warning though the price range is quite steep again. The smallest unit starts retail from $2500 USD which is A LOT if you ask our opinion. But remember, they offer a lifetime guarantee and this is definitely a game changer in our opinion.

Rug Doctor Has Released a Carpet Cleaning Machine!


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We have some pretty exciting news this time for our readers. As you may or may not have heard Rug Doctor has finally released a carpet cleaning machine themselves. Who is Rug Doctor? Well, if you do not know then chances are that you are very new to the cleaning industry or you are not in it at all.

To give you a little sneak preview we could say that this company is the Ferrari of carpet and rug care products as of today in 2016. We tend to use their cleaning products exclusively ourselves as they have been around for quite a while now and have yet to disappoint us or our customers. Yes their price range for cleaning consumables is definitely top range however, we believe that they can easily get away with this if they deliver an excellent product, which they have, all the time.

Normally this company was solely concentrating on releasing consumable products like stain remover soap, replacement brushes and carpet smell removal products etc. We have never seen them market or speak of any actual hardware products like a carpet cleaning machine or anything like that. Interestingly enough this has changed in 2015 when they have decided to release their brand new carpet cleaning machine and here is what it looks like: rug-doctor-carpet-cleaning

As you may imagine we were very excited to try this machine simply because we knew the quality of products Rug Doctor has been putting out up to date. So, our original assumption was that if they are releasing a rug cleaning machine, it will have to be simply amazing. Luckily, we managed to get our hands on one of these machines back here in Dublin, Ireland and we tried to use the machine on a few different carpet stains. Anyway, on to the review.

Check out this brilliant video review if you don’t feel like reading today…

The Rug Doctor Carpet Cleaning Machine Reviewed in Dublin

To begin with the product comes in two colours, bright red and navy blue if you are concerned about those. They can be nice if you are trying to match you companies branding, ours happens to match their blue quite nicely so we went for that one. They all come in just one model, it is oriented mostly at home use not so much for industrial in our opinion and that is mainly for 2 reasons.

One, their water tank holds only 1 gallon of water which is roughly 4l for our European readers. This is way too small to be of any use in the industrial sector but is quite ideal for a medium – large sized household. Reason number two, their electric cord is quite short and is not retractable only about 6 meters is what comes with it by stock. Again, this is way too small scale to be of any use in the industrial sector, unless you’re willing to carry around those chord extensions which you are welcome to do.

How Well Does It Clean Carpet Stains?

Well the answer is simple, quite well! For a unit this size we would not be expecting it to have industrial strength pressure and the results to be expected accordingly. However, it has more than enough “oomph” to tackle most stains your kids or pets would leave on a house carpeting. We tested it with the classic wine stain, pet urine and dirt. All 3 tests passed with flying colours using the Rug Doctor’s standard carpet cleaning shampoo.

Summary & Price

To summarise this nice little product we would say that we do not have any complaints about it at all besides it’s price probably. One of these units easily retails for around €1500-2000 on the internet. And that would be ok for a standard carpet cleaning company but this is a household oriented tool, and that amount of money for a carpet care machine may prove to be too steep for a lot of people. In the end though, if you can afford it then it will deliver what it says on the tin. An excellent, robust and good pressure carpet cleaning machine that will last years. We give this one a thumbs up for sure!

Hoover Floormate Deluxe – Hard floor cleaner review

Hoover Floormate Deluxe

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Today we are going to be talking to you about the Hoover Floormate Deluxe hard wood cleaner. Absolutely the best way to ensure that your hard floors are in their top notch condition. This is something any cleaner company should g et for their clients wood laminate flooring, it is basically good for any hard flooring as long as their surface is sealed otherwise you are risking damaging your client’s floors by the water.

We tend to recommend it most for wood laminate flooring where it does an amazing job. It actually makes you realise how dirty the floors are until you use it on it, most of the time clients are astonished by how much dirt there was on the floor. hoover-floormate-results

The device itself is fairly small and lightweight, easy to pickup and move around. You get two tanks in this system, one on each site. One of the tanks is where you put your clean water with your cleaning solution and the other one collects the dirty water that is left over from cleaning your floor. You will be surprised how fast that water will turn black in the other tank.

hoover-floormate-brushesOne of the things that makes this product really superior to mopping is the four brush system at the bottom of it, they are soft brushes spinning at high velocity while spraying the cleaning solution from your tank and sucking the dirt immediately back up. There is a mode though when you can turn the brushes off and the device is only sucking the dirt, thats in case you have excess water and dirt on the floor.

The movement is based on two big wheels on the back supported by four small rollers in the middle for added agility. The front of the device has a small squidgy that is simply helping your suction so you don’t have excess dirty water left on the floor.

Now keep in mind you will need to replace the brushes at the bottom of this device and they do come in quite expensive however, we have been testing this device on large warehouse floors for 6 months now and the brushes are still more than fine. So the rate at which you would be replacing them in a domestic use would be pretty much insignificant expense if any.

Something worth mentioning now that we spoke about this products industrial use is that it also has a harder version of the brushes at the bottom which come in grey colour. These are a bit more firm and are meant to be used on industrial flooring where you might want a bit of extra friction to lift that dirt. We found these brushes especially effective in warehouse floor cleaning on concrete floor, we do have to admit though that the size of the water tank is way to small for bigger premises.

The device has a really nice long cord of 9 meters that comes with it, which is going to be more than enough to cover the needs of any domestic size home or even a medium sized office. We will definitely be looking out for something like this product on an industrial version but for now the domestic will have to do.

In terms of pricing, we think this product is reasonably well priced for what it actually does. Keeping in mind it was actually targeted at people to buy and use in their own homes its price is very reasonable for an average cleaner company. We have actually recorded a video using this product cleaning a very dirty floor and use that video to sell the floor cleaning service to our potential customers. In the end the product paid for itself within 3 days, so we definitely give this one a thumbs up and recommend that you pick it up yourself.

You can either buy it on amazon or directly from hoover’s site, both placers offer it at the same cost and deliver charge. Here is the non affiliate link for this product’s page below.

That would be it for this time everyone, next time we will review another cool product for you. If you found a product you think is worth reviewing or sharing please dont hesitate to get in touch with us via contact page and we will consider reviewing the product on this blog.